Practical Hydroponic Farming

Course Name: Practical Hydroponic Farming
The training will consist of practical training sessions where the learner will get ample experience in basic routine operations in a defined hydroponics context.
Target Group: Farmers or farm workers that are farming with hydroponics and plants.
Course Duration: 4 days
Course Fee: R 3,420.00 incl. VAT (training only)
R 5,928.00 incl. VAT (training and accommodation)
Course Presenter: Patrick Verster
Content of Course:
  • Daily farm routine
  • Inspection on the plants in the morning (looking for plant health in general)
  • Testing pH & Ec of the bag system
  • Looking for and identifying diseases (fungi and insecticides)
  • Daily irrigation schedules and testing dripper systems
  • Trellising of the plants and removing of side shoots
  • Taking orders for daily deliveries
  • Packaging of vegetables for customer or market delivery

Capabilities: When completing this course you will be able to perform basic routine operations in a defined hydroponic context under close supervision.