Meat Goat Management

Course Name: Meat Goat Management  
The training will consist of theoretical and practical training on how to farm with meat goats.
Target Group: Farmers or farm workers that are farming with meat goats.
Course Duration: 4 days
Course Fee: R 3,420.00 incl. VAT (training only)
R 5,928.00 incl. VAT (training and accommodation)
Course Presenter: Patrick Verster

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SAQA ID Unit Standard Title Credits Level
2 116191 Apply Standard Animal Feeding Procedures 6 1
2 116172 Apply Elementary Farm Layout And Infrastructure 2 1
Content of Course:
1. Administering Livestock Processing Treatments
  1.1 The livestock processing treatments
  1.2 Selection and use of different medicines and pharmaceuticals
  1.3 Administration of the treatments, etc.
2. Apply Standard Animal Feeding Procedures
  2.1 Procedures for maintaining feed quality
  2.2 Selection of appropriate feed type
  2.3 Observation of feed type
  2.4 The correct feeding practices
  2.5 Identification of abnormal feeding behaviour

Capabilities: When completing this course you will be able to demonstrate a basic knowledge of:
  • responsibility for given tasks
  • feed quality
  • normal feeding behaviour
  • abnormal feeding behaviour
  • maintaining feed quality and hygiene
  • appropriate feeds
  • feeding procedure
  • communiction skills to develop a two-way relationship with supervisor in regard to responsibilities and reporting
  • the purpose of the outcomes of this unit standard