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Hydroponic and Plant Production

Course Name: Hydroponic and Plant Production  
The training will consist of theoretical and practical training during stages of the growing periods, maintain basic water quality, operate and maintain irrigation systems and perform basic routine operations in a defined hydroponics context.
Target Group: Farmers or farm workers that are farming with hydroponics and plants.
Prerequisites: Must have the following qualification levels or equivalent knowledge:

  • NQF 1 Literacy and Numeracy

  • NQF 1: Collect Agricultural Data

Course Duration: 4 days
Course Fee: R 3,000 excl. VAT
R 3,420 incl. VAT
Course Presenter: Patrick Verster

* All our courses are SAQA accredited. To view the different NQF Levels, click on the column title. Background information of SAQA and NQF Levels ia available under Terminology in the sub menu above.

SAQA ID Title Credits
1 116168 Maintain basic water quality 1
1 116148 Perform basic routine operations in hydroponic context 5
1 116202 Operate and maintain irrigation system 2
Content of Course:
1. Getting started (planning)
   1.1 Water Quality & quantity requirements for tunnel farming
   1.2 Management of tunnels
   1.3 Marketing of products

2. Tunnel selection
   2.1 Tunnels sizes 10.5 x 30 x 4.1 m standard
   2.2 Roll up tunnels 10.5 x 30 x 4.1m
   2.3 Starter (nursery) tunnels small scale 6.5 x 12 x 3.8m

3. Tunnel maintenance
   3.1 Preparing inside tunnel
        3.1.1 Laying floor plastic
        3.1.2 Packing planting bags
        3.1.3 Spacing dripper pipe
        3.1.4 Testing dripper system

4. Setting of water schedules

5. Preparing seedlings
   5.1 seedling nursery

6. Heating systems
   6.1 Coal heaters
        6.1.1 Air to air circulation
        6.1.2 Hot water circulation
        6.1.3 Paraffin heating
        6.1.4 Diesel heating

7. Fertiliser programmes
   7.1 Soluble fertiliser
   7.2 Geranial fertiliser
   7.3 Water analysing
   7.4 Soil analysing
   7.5 Water pH affects availability of plant nutrients
   7.6 Soil pH affects availability of plant nutrients
   7.7 Growing of tomato with hydroponics and in soil
   7.8 Growing of cucumbers with hydroponics and in soil
   7.9 Growing of Sweet pepper with hydroponics and in soil
   7.10 Seed selection for clients (winter summer productions)
   7.11 Tomato disorders
          7.11.1 Fungicides
          7.11.2 Pesticides
          7.11.3 Deficiencies
   7.12 Cucumber disorders
          7.12.1 Fungicides
          7.12.2 Pesticides
          7.12.3 Deficiencies
   7.13 Sweet Pepper disorders
          7.13.1 Fungicides
          7.13.2 Pesticides
          7.13.3 Deficiencies
   7.14 Plant protection
          7.14.1 Tomato
          7.14.2 Cucumber
          7.14.3 Sweet Pepper
          7.14.4 Open field crops
   7.15 Plant nutrient deficiencies
          7.15.1 Nutrient (element)
          7.15.2 Function
          7.15.3 Symptoms of deficiency
          7.15.4 Crops & Pastures most susceptible
   7.16 Foliar sprays
Capabilities: When completing this course you will be able to perform basic routine operations in a defined hydroponic context under close supervision.